Museum studies class examines Cooch’s Bridge

University of Delaware graduate and undergraduate students spent the spring semester studying the Cooch’s Bridge Historic Site to learn how an historic property is interpreted, according to Delaware HCA. The students, led by museum studies professor Kenneth Cohen, worked with numerous stakeholders, including DCA staff, directors of area museums, Native American representatives, and members of descendentContinue reading “Museum studies class examines Cooch’s Bridge”

Meet Kaitlyn Dykes

Last month, the Dover-based Division of Historical and Cultural Affairs appointed Kaitlyn Dykes the first site supervisor for Cooch’s Bridge Historic Site. An accomplished historian, Kaitlyn stood out from the other job candidates as “the best choice to lead Cooch’s Bridge through the transition from private property to HCA’s sixth public historic site,” an HCAContinue reading “Meet Kaitlyn Dykes”